Linda Fergerson authors first book;

‘A Royal Dance; The Lion and The Butterfly’

Linda Fergerson, shares her transformational journey from a spiritual orphan to the King's royal daughter. She now urges others to come out of darkness, draw near to Jesus, the majestic Lion of Judah and embrace the uniquely designed destiny that He spoke over them before they were born.  She displays a passion to see God’s sons and daughters experience the depths of the Father’s love and fulfill the words He spoke over them before they were born.

Linda is a gifted story-teller, speaker, and dancer and she takes you on an unforgettable journey into the life of a troubled young Jewish girl in first century Jerusalem. In this first book of the Lion and the Butterfly series, you will discover the sword that Jesus warned would divide family members and the chrysalis of hope for a new beginning through faith in Yeshua.

While the book is fiction, Linda notes that many of the incidents and events in the book are actually events which she has experienced in her life.

Linda felt a call to write almost 40 years before starting this book, but she told God, “No way.” She later gave God 3 conditions before she would write: She needed a typewriter, her husband’s support and the desire to write. When her husband gave her a typewriter for Christmas and encouraged her enrollment in a writing course, her journey began. The final condition took longer. Year after year she heard God’s promptings to embrace her call to write.” Every time she tried, she’d throw her arms in the air and yell at the computer, “I can’t do this.” God never gave up, though. Thirty-five years after she gave him her conditions, she surrendered. 

The book was originally written as a parable, but God told her “do more,” and with the assistance of her editor, she proceeded to write the book chapter-by-chapter. The book was published in September 2016; two years after she started the parable.  At first, she felt unworthy to write. It wasn’t good enough in her eyes. Now she enjoys writing with God very much. She feels very rewarded after many people have told her how the book helped them and how Jesus spoke to them as they read it. She even recalls that several people have told her they cried as they read the book and had a hard time putting it down.

The timeframe of the book is 20 A.D.  Jerusha and her parents were friends of Jesus before he started his ministry. The book traces the battle faced by the family as Jerusha’s father first accepted Christ as the messiah, but her mother held to her orthodox Jewish beliefs. While the book is fiction, many of the events of the book parallel events of Christ’s death, burial, resurrection and Pentecost.

Jerusha's father dotes on her and calls her royalty, a lioness who will one day dance before his King. Jerusha adores her father, but she cannot tell him her darkest secret. Instead of dancing like other Jewish girls, Jerusha sits alone, plagued by guilt for a crime she did not commit. Who will believe her story against the word of the most respected religious leader in Jerusalem?

Jerusha's fears are amplified and her nightmares realized when her Jewish mother forces her to leave her father's protection and live as a lowly servant in the home of the high priest. Will the esteemed son of the high priest still want to marry her? Or will Timon, a handsome Christian man and her father's apprentice win her heart?

Caught between the orthodox beliefs of her beautiful Jewish mother and her father's newfound faith in the Messiah Yeshua, Jerusha is plummeted into a soul-wrenching family tragedy that leaves her young heart with more questions than answers.

Before traveling to Israel in 2006, Linda served as Vice President of Woman’s Aglow in Dodge City, Kansas, founded His Writers, an intercessory writers group and held “A Night with the King” meetings for women.

While in Israel with a ministry group Linda spent several weeks going from place to place on prayer assignments. She swam in the Dead Sea, was baptized again in the Jordan River, walked the shores of Galilee, worshiped in dance in a meeting in Jerusalem and had a divine encounter with God at Shiloh.

Presently, she is embracing her call to write, although she is available for speaking engagements. She is already working on the second book of the series, which she hopes to publish later this year. She even has plans for a third book in the series.  She lives in Dodge City, Kansas with her husband, Steve and three adopted sons, Samuel, Stephen and Joshua. She may be reached at or 620-255-6161.The book is available on Kindle and in paperback form at, as well as The Shoe Fetish, Mony’s  Nail Spa, The Christian Bookhouse and Fergerson’s Furniture and Appliance in Dodge City.