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God sent me a new angel

by Stan Wilson

For long-time readers of Faith and Family, you may remember that I lost my wife, Linda, to ovarian cancer seven years ago. We were married for 17 years and we spent the last 5 years of our marriage working together on Faith and Family.

It was a sudden loss; only 3 days from the time that we learned of her illness until she left this earth to be with our Lord and Savior. I grieved, but I had no hard feelings and I immediately turned my thoughts and actions to helping to care for two of my grandchildren. I continued worshiping and serving our Lord and Savior and added Linda’s Faith and Family responsibilities to my list of duties.

In the Fall of 2018, I began to realize that I was lonely for a mate. I had not dated during the time and really didn’t have any “ladies” in the back of my mind. But God placed three ladies from my past in my life to help me through this journey. Two of these ladies contacted me via Facebook and we quickly developed a wonderful brother-sister relationship. We had been childhood friends from the 1960’s. I also had a desire to connect with the first girl whom I ever dated. Using some of my journalistic investigative skills, I found her in Japan and we quickly picked up our friendship. All three of these ladies are divorced and have absolutely no interest in developing a romantic relationship. But we are all strong in our faith in Christ and re-bonded as Brother and sisters in Christ. All three of them guided me, advised me and supported me as I sought to find a life-mate. Even the sister of my first girlfriend supported me and I still remember one of her comments; “If God has a lady for you, he will make her available and you will know it.”

I had been living the life of a widower, grandfather and bachelor, so I really didn’t have a list of “prospects.” The four ladies suggested that I consider using the internet dating services. I signed up with a few and even had a few dates. One of the ladies even said that she liked me very much, but there was no “spark” in our relationship. At that point, I really didn’t understand what she meant (after all, I’m a bit over 18). I just wanted to date and enjoy the company of a lady.

E-harmony listed a widow in Ulysses, but I didn’t contact her for a month or two because I didn’t see how such a long-distance could nurture a relationship. Actually, Janice “liked me” on E-harmony and it took me a month reply. We exchanged a few notes, and I didn’t hear back from my last message.

Just where was Jesus Crucified, burried and resurrected?
As I write this on Easter Sunday afternoon, I thought that it would be appropriate to conclude the series of stories about my tour of Israel with a visit to the two places considered most likely to have been the place of crucifixion and Christ's tomb and resurrection. ...MORE
Temple Mount and The Holy of Holies
When we first entered Temple Mount, my heart almost stopped. While I had seen The Dome of The Rock from a distance, to see it up-close and know that it rests where The Holy of Holies once stood made me almost sick to my stomach. Our guide told us that only Muslims may enter, but I have heard that some Christians have been allowed inside. ...MORE
The Western Wall: the remains of King Solomon's Temple
I never imagined that I would see the Western Wall; much less pray at the wall and leave my little prayer in the cracks between the stones. Words can not express my emotions as I actually did just this during my visit to Israel. ...MORE
Gethsemane; The place of prayer and betrayal
Visiting Gethsemane leaves you totally speechless when you realize that you are walking among the olive trees that may have been silent witness to Christ's betrayal. The site is beautifully preserved with gravel trails where you can almost feel the presence of our Lord and Savior. ...MORE
Masada: Give me liberty or give me death
In my tour of Israel, nothing took my breath away like my first view of Masada. Three questions popped into my head almost immediately: Why would someone build such a fortress in such a desolate and inaccessable location? How did they get the materials and supplies on top of the mountain? Why did the Romans build a ramp; rather than just waiting them out? ...MORE
Qumran: Home of the Dead Sea Scrolls
One of the most important biblical archaeological discoveries of all time came in one of the most desolate and uninhabitable places on earth: Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Shortly after leaving Beit She'an (Scythopolis), traveling south, we entered what is known as The West Bank. The geography changed almost immediately as we entered some of the most desolate land on earth. ...MORE
The Glory of Rome in the middle of Israel
Just 20 miles south of the Sea of Galilee, we walked the streets of Scythopolis; one of the most important of the ten Roman cities which made up the Decapolis. This city, however dates back to 4,000 B.C. when it was known as Beit She'an. ...MORE
Let's visit Jesus' neighbors
In the previous issue of Faith and Family, we visited Capharnaum, Jesus' home on the Sea of Galilee. The next stops on my tour of Israel were two of the neighboring towns: Bethsaida and Kursi. ...MORE
Walking where Jesus walked in his hometown
When Jesus moved to the Sea of Galilee, he settled in Capharnaum. In this story, we visit his hometown and the home of Peter where Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law and performed other miracles. We also visit the Synagogue where Jesus worshiped and also performed other miracles. ...MORE
Visit Israel and you will never be the same
I was fortunate enough to join 9 other U.S. Christian newspapers for a tour of Israel in June, 2007. The entire trip was sponsored by the State of Israel and they picked up the tab. This is the first story in a series, and it gives a broad overview of the trip. ...MORE
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